Your oral health is important, and the FDA-approved VELscope® oral cancer screening system provides you with a quick, safe, and comfortable way to detect oral cancer when it is the most treatable. Each year, more than 31,000 people are diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer, and half of them do not survive because the cancer is not diagnosed early enough. Early detection raises the survival rate to as much as 90%.

VELscope® uses a safe blue light, without the aid of stains or rinses, to detect tissue abnormalities in the earliest stages, before they reach the surface and become visible. It takes only five minutes to protect your health and to prevent you from becoming a statistic. Ask us today about this powerful new tool in the fight against cancer.

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Digital radiographs are a technological advancement that results in less exposure to radiation for our patients and an almost instantaneous picture for our dentists.